Monday, September 10, 2012

Updated Blog Schedule

After giving a lot of thought to balancing time for my various writing tasks, I've decided that I'm going to cut back on blogging somewhat. I'll be retaining my usual Monday/Thursday/Sunday schedule on my main writing blog. However, instead of having daily blog posts here on the "Write Every Day" blog, I'm going to switch to a once-a-week schedule. So, starting this week I'll be having a post on this site every Wednesday.

The content will remain roughly the same, just spread out differently. Here will be the overall schedule:
  • 1st Wednesday of the Month - Guest Post/Interview
  • 2nd Wednesday of the Month - Upcoming Deadlines
  • 3rd Wednesday of the Month - Link of the Month
  • 4th Wednesday of the Month - Wednesday List post
Questions Which Might Be Frequently Asked:
  • Ah, but wait! Some months -- such as, in fact, the very next month, October -- have not just four Wednesdays but five! What then?
    • Well, it won't just be a lie-about Wednesday for me. But what it will be is Grab Bag -- whatever I feel like posting about for that day. The one thing it will do is, in some way, relate to writing or reading.
  • We've already passed the first Wednesday of September.
    • Correct! But that's not a question.
  • Oh, sorry... Ahem... What about the first Wednesday of this month? I didn't see a Guest Post or Interview then.
    • Indeed. So the first Guest Post/Interview with this new schedule will actually come around on October 3rd. I don't have anyone lined up just yet for that so if you're interested in participating, let me know!
So, apparently there really aren't that many questions which might frequently be asked... But if you have a question I didn't think of, do feel free to ask me in the Comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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