Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Interview with Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

In the interview below, Kathryn and I discuss her first published mystery novel, her writing routine, and more.

MH) It looks like "Scrambled" is your first published mystery. What interested you about working in that genre?
KEJ) The interest began about 2004 when I was still in college. One of the assignments from the instructor was to write a short story using specific words. After finishing the first few pages I realized that I had a mystery novel. I put the book aside for a few years, graduated from college in 2009 and then took another look at it, finished the book and then gave it to some readers. They liked it. Scrambled was born.

MH) Can you describe what your usual writing routine is like?
KEJ) I get up, get my shower and sometimes breakfast and get right to it. I usually work on my blog first and then the book that's next in line--or the marketing that's next in line. I try to balance the writing and the marketing of my books. I am happier when I can do a little of both during the week. Because I don't have a full-time job away from home, I can more easily work my writing in, though that wasn't always the case. I am also a mother of 3 girls. 

MH) Do you find trying to write every day to be a comfortable routine or do you prefer working differently?
KEJ) Every day writing for sure. When I miss a day it's worse than not having a piece of chocolate. I am always working on something, even if it's writing a letter.

MH) What comes most easily to you in writing?
KEJ) That would have to be dialogue. I have a way of getting into the heads of the characters and keeping the dialogue realistic. Maybe this is because I enjoy talking to people in real life and finding out how they tick.

MH) What do you find most difficult in writing?
KEJ) Setting. When I get carried away with dialogue I remind myself that the characters aren't floating in mid-air, they are standing at a particular time and a particular place. I need to describe it.

MH) Which of your writing accomplishments so far is the most pleasing to you?
KEJ) I would have to say my book, "Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones." And this is because the book practically wrote itself. I say 'wrote itself' because I feel as if I received more help on this work because of the genre. Christian fiction isn't an easy genre to write. You don't want to sound preachy. You just want your readers to take a look, enjoy what you have to share, and move forward in their individual lives as they see fit.

MH) Is there anything else you'd like to share with my readers?
KEJ) I like to write different things; some days I'm all about inspiration, other days, I like to have some fun. I think this is also true of my life. Scrambled is a good example of putting your feet up, playing detective, and letting the world go--at least for awhile. Interested readers can find my blog and books at:

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