Sunday, July 1, 2012

Call for Guest Posters & Interviewees

I've got several people already lined up for upcoming weeks, but am still interested in being in touch with other people as well, so I'm repeating my call for guest posters and interviewees from last week.

The first guest post/interview will be coming up a week from today on July 8th.

As a reminder, every Sunday, I'll be featuring another writer for a guest post or an interview. If you're interested in either writing a guest post or being interviewed by me for this feature, please let me know either by making a comment below or filling out my "Contact Me" form.

These won't be particularly lengthy, in general. I'm figuring the average post/interview will be in the 400-1,000 word range. While they don't need to focus directly on writing every day, I'd like there to be at least some connection between the overall subject and developing/maintaining a daily writing habit.

Thanks to anyone who is interested in being a part of this feature!

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