Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Interview: FLASHBACK

I've got guest posts and interviews lined up for the next several weeks, but the schedule didn't work out to have one today. Instead, I'll refer you to the four interviews up on my main writing blog. I've spoken with Dave Zeltserman, Carrie Cuinn, Emily Casey, and D. Thomas Minton in the past year and each of them had interesting things to say about fiction and their writing. If you haven't already read those interviews, give them a quick look! (One small warning: The Zeltserman, Cuinn, and Minton interviews came after Dissecting the Short Story blog posts, so there's the possibility of spoilers for the short stories which had been analyzed.)

The schedule calls for a guest post next Sunday, so I hope that you'll stop back then to see what wisdom my guest has to impart.

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