Saturday, August 11, 2012

Link of the Week: Five Golden Rules for Successful Goal Setting

Every Saturday I highlight a link that I think is worth checking out for writers, particularly those who are working on developing a daily writing routine. This week's link is "Five Golden Rules for Successful Goal Setting."

I set goals for myself every month and then go back at the end of the month and track how I did at accomplishing them. (I also typically do a "status check" on my goals at least once mid-month.) My goals are always around things that are, for all intents and purposes, completely within my control. So I wouldn't list "sell two stories" as a goal because I can't control whether editors buy my stories. All I can do is send them out and wait for the reply. But I could list "write two new stories and get them both submitted for the first time" as a goal because that's something which is on me to either do or do not. (There is, after all, no try.)

The post I'm linking to this week does a great job of talking about best practices for goal setting. I hope that it provides some useful insights to you!

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