Thursday, August 16, 2012

Upcoming Deadlines: THEMA and Arcane II

One of the tools I've used sometimes to help myself get started on writing is writing towards prompts or themes for upcoming publications, either anthologies or themed issues of periodicals. Below you will find information about two such calls for submissions.

The journal THEMA (as the names suggests) specializes in themed issues. The theme which is coming up soonest for them is "Eyeglasses are needed." This submission call runs through November 1st, 2012. They pay a flat rate of $25 for stories over 1,000 words and a flat rate of $10 for poems and stories of 1,000 words of fewer.

The second submission call for this week is for the Arcane II anthology. This is an anthology of horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction short stories. This submission call runs through September 30th, 2012. They pay 1 cent per word plus a copy of the anthology. There is a cap of $50 on the payment.

As always, please make sure to read the linked guidelines pages closely to ensure that you understand details of the submission guidelines, terms, payment information, etc.

Stop back next Thursday for more Upcoming Deadlines!

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