Saturday, August 18, 2012

Link of the Week: Printable Calendars

This week's Link of the Week is for the site where I go to get my printable calendars. Yes, I probably could whip something up in Excel for this, but I like the ease of just going out to the My Boat Club site once a month and printing the current month's calendar.

I always print mine out landscape to have the biggest boxes available for use. Here's the link to the calendar for September, if you want to try printing one out for next month.

Once you've been using the calendars and checking off boxes for a while, you might end up having something that looks sort of like this:

The site is free, though they ask for a small donation via Paypal if you use the site regularly but it is -- as the site says -- strictly an on-your-honor thing. There's no registration, etc.

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